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St. Joseph of Cupertino - Patron Saint of Air Crews & Travellers

Welcome Roaming Catholics!

Before I begin, let me dedicate this small paragraph to a wonderful man Mr. Robert Yeo. Through his unselfish giving, he has provided us with this website that has helped us to stay intouch with the LORD while we are overseas. It brings me great sadness to say goodbye to him on his returning to the LORD. With no objections from anyone, I will try to fill this great man's shoes to the best of my ability. Please continue to pray for him and the continued success of this website.

Your Brother in Christ, Adrian Seah.

This website is for Catholic aircrews and travellers who sometimes land in a city where they need to find a Catholic church with masses in English.

We try to list churches, especially in non-English speaking countries where there are masses in English.

Some cities may not have an English mass, so the most convenient church is listed. Also in most Middle Eastern Muslim countries Friday masses have Sunday liturgy.

I have now decided to include foreign language masses i.e. Spanish masses in France, Italian masses in Germany, etc. After all, this is a site for Catholic Travellers alias Roaming Catholics.

Sometimes, we just need somewhere spiritual and contemplative to withdraw to, so a church is our home away from home.

There are also useful links to Catholic and travel websites including city, currency and weather info.

Robert Yeo

Pope Benedict XVI
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